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Little Rainbow Paper Co

Love Wins Keychain

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Get ready to spread the love wherever you go with our "Love Wins" motel keychain!  This playful accessory is designed to warm your heart and brighten your day. The striking black plastic keychain features a stunning gold-stamped heart, proudly declaring "Love Wins," surrounded by a sprinkle of twinkling gold stars. 

With its double-sided design, the message of love and triumph is beautifully showcased from every angle. Attach it to your keys, bag, or anywhere you want to spread positive vibes and celebrate love's victory! 

Whether it's a treat for yourself or a thoughtful gift for someone special, our "Love Wins" keychain is a joyful celebration of love's triumph and a perfect token of solidarity and support. So, let's wear our hearts on our keys and spread the love!


  • Double-Sided Design
  • Solid Black keychain
  • Gold jump ring and keychain
  • Stamped gold foil

This keychain is part of our LGBTQ Keychain Series